Adjectives and Opposites – Level 3 (B1+)

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I have a basic insurance policy.basiccomprehensiveI have a comprehensive insurance policy.
He is very broad-minded.broadnarrowHe is very narrow-minded.
The report is very detailed.detailedvagueThe report is very vague.
This bread is fresh.freshstaleThis bread is stale.
I’m sure he is guilty.guiltyinnocentI’m sure he is innocent.
These jeans are too loose.loosetightThese jeans are too tight.
He is very mean with money.meangenerousHe is very generous with money.
This grass is natural.naturalartificialThis grass is artificial.
He is a naughty little boy.naughtygoodHe is a good little boy.
There are an odd number of people in the group.oddevenThere are an even number of people in the group.
This fish is raw.rawcookedThis fish is cooked.
I have rough skin.roughsmoothI have smooth skin.
I live in a rural area.ruralurbanI live in a urban area.
This knife is sharp.sharpbluntThis knife is blunt.
This ice-cream is solidsolidliquidThis ice-cream is liquid.
He gave us some specific instructionsspecificgeneralHe gave us some general instructions
The roads near my house are straight.straightwindyThe roads near my house are windy. (rhymes with kind-y)
My teacher is very strict.strictlaid-backMy teacher is very laid-back.
Do you prefer sweet pancakes?sweetsavouryDo you prefer savoury pancakes?
I have a temporary job.temporarypermanentI have a permanent job.
This soup is very thick.thickrunnyThis soup is very runny.
It's a true story.truemade-upIt's a made-up story.
This horse is wildwildtameThis horse is tame.

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