Adjectives – Comparatives and Superlatives

Students – Level 1

* Quiz 2

Students – Level 2

* Quiz 2

Teachers – Level 1

Teachers – Level 2

Speaking Tasks

Comparatives and Superlatives

– Practice grading adjectives – How tidy are you?

– Practice comparatives – Who is tidier – you or your brother?

– Practice superlatives – Who is the tidiest person in your family?

Comparing people – Simple vocabulary

Comparing people – Intermediate vocabulary

Comparing with your classmates

Do the task in pairs to practice comparatives – My hair is longer than yours.

Do the task in groups of 3 or more to practice superlatives – My hair is the longest.

Personal Records

36 mini-dialogues to practice superlatives and present perfect.

Classroom Materials

For the two tasks below you need to make a numbered list of six real people you know well, including yourself!

Good at… (111 cards) – How good? Who’s better? Who’s the best?

Describing people (111 cards) – How ____? Who’s ____-er? Who the ___-est? – vocabularyQuizlet Live

For the next one you need a list of 6 places.

Describing places (111 cards) – How ____? Which is ____-er? Which is the ___-est? – vocabularyQuizlet Live

Personal Records (32 cards) – What is the _____ place you’ve ever been? etc

Handout – 2 on a page



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