Adjectives and Opposites – Level 2 (B1)

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He is an aggressive guy.aggressivepassiveHe is a passive guy.
The streets near my house are busy.busyquietThe streets near my house are quiet.
My Mum is always careful when she drives.carefulcarelessMy Mum is always careless when she drives.
My name is very common.commonrareMy name is very rare.
It's a very complicated idea.complicatedsimpleIt's a very simple idea.
I am very confident about my test tomorrow.confidentnervousI am very nervous about my test tomorrow.
My brother is crazy.crazysensibleMy brother is sensible.
The water is deep.deepshallowThe water is shallow.
He has fair hair.fairdarkHe has dark hair.
It’s a female cat.femalemaleIt’s a male cat.
I am glad about it.gladupsetI am upset about it.
My friend is hard-working.hard-workinglazyMy friend is lazy.
This box is heavy.heavylightThis box is light.
There is a huge spider on the wall.hugetinyThere is a tiny spider on the wall.
I’m really hungry.hungryfullI’m really full.
My town is very modern.moderntraditionalMy town is very traditional.
The road is very narrow here.narrowwideThe road is very wide here.
I had a normal day.normalstrangeI had a strange day.
This is a private road.privatepublicThis is a public road.
My parents are proud of me.proudashamedMy parents are ashamed of me.
This is the quickest way.quickslowThis is the slow way.
This is a real Gucci bag.realfakeThis is a fake Gucci bag.
The park is round.roundsquareThe park is square.
We live separately.separatelytogetherWe live together.
The wall is really thick.thickthinThe wall is really thin.
The upper shelves are very dusty.upperlowerThe lower shelves are very dusty.
This app is useful.usefuluselessThis app is useless.

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