Present Perfect 1

Students – irregular verbs

Students – present perfect or past simple

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Students – been, gone, went

Teachers – irregular verbs

Teachers – present perfect or past simple

Teachers – been, gone, went

Speaking Cards

Have you ever?

  • Practice using present perfect for life experience
  • Ask follow up questions

Have you? or Did you? – Comparing

  • Make sentences like “I haven’t drunk tea today but I drank tea yesterday.”

Have you? or Did you?

  • Lots more questions to practice present perfect or past simple

I haven’t… for

  • Practice using third forms – I haven’t drunk coffee since last week
  • Practice using for and since

How long? For and Since

  • We use present perfect to ask and answer how long questions with state verbs like know, have and be.

Since our last lesson… (18 cards) – Good review task

Yet or Still (12 cards) – which is more appropriate?

Yet, still, ever, never, already (58 cards) – which one is most appropriate? Answers will be different for different students.

Irregular verbs list – 1 on a page2 on a page

Handout – 2 on a page


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