Gerunds and Infinitives

Students – Level 1

* Quiz 2

Students – Level 2

* Quiz 2

Teachers – Level 1

Teachers – Level 2

Speaking Cards

Combining verbs

  • 80+ questions to practice common verb combinations

These questions are for kids. Here are the links for the adult version.

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Verb Object Verb

  • We use verb-object-verb combinations all the time. They’re quite difficult, so here is a task to practice them.
  • Q: What does he want her to do? A: He wants her to iron his shirt, so he asked her to do it.

Spend or Take

Try to ___ or Try ___ing

  • Questions to practice using try doing something and try to do something.

What do you think of

  • We often use gerunds with like, hate, love, don’t mind and other verbs to give our opinion about different activities.

More materials

At school – Let or Make? (20 cards)

Want, would like (12 cards)

When did you start? When did you stop? (33 cards) – model dialogue

To try or trying? (22 cards) – ask and answer questions


Both levels in one document.

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