Adjectives and Opposites – Level 1 (A2)

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The spider is alive.alivedeadThe spider is dead.
He was angry when I told him.angrycalmHe was calm when I told him.
The baby is asleep.asleepawakeThe baby is awake.
It's a very bad idea.badgoodIt's a very good idea.
My school is beautiful.beautifuluglyMy school is ugly.
We have a big car.bigsmallWe have a small car.
It's a boring book.boringinterestingIt's a interesting book.
Food is very cheap here.cheapexpensiveFood is very expensive here.
My shoes are clean.cleandirtyMy shoes are dirty.
My brother is clever.cleverstupidMy brother is stupid.
We are close to home.close tofar fromWe are far from home.
It's cold today.coldhotIt's hot today.
It's a dangerous place.dangeroussafeIt's a safe place.
It's getting dark outside.darklightIt's getting light.
Our answers are different.differentthe sameOur answers are the same.
The test was difficult.difficulteasyThe test was easy.
This salad is disgusting!disgustingtastyThis salad is tasty!
My hair is dry.drywetMy hair is wet.
We arrived early.earlylateWe arrived late.
My house is empty.emptyfullMy house is full.
My cat is too fat.fatthinMy cat is too thin.
I am happy today.happysadI am sad today.
The test was really hard.hardeasyThe test was really easy.
The ice cream is too hard.hardsoftThe ice cream is too soft.
The shelf is too high.highlowThe shelf is too low.
I'm ill today.illwellI'm well today.
Turn left.leftrightTurn right.
We have a little problem.littlebigWe have a big problem.
He has long hair.longshortHe has short hair.
My class is very loud.loudquietMy class is very quiet.
I got some negative comments.negativepositiveI got some positive comments.
My phone is new.newoldMy phone is old.
My English teacher is nice.nicenastyMy English teacher is nasty.
My Dad is young.oldyoungMy Dad is young.
The shop is open.openclosedThe shop is closed.
My Grandparents are poor.poorrichMy Grandparents are rich.
It's the right answer.rightwrongIt's the wrong answer.
My brother is always rude.rudepoliteMy brother is always polite.
I feel sick.sickwellI feel well.
It was a slow race.slowfastIt was a fast race.
My brother is very strong.strongweakMy brother is very weak.
He's a tall man.tallshortHe's a short man.

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